I always wanted to write, but it took a government coup, falling in love and a baby to make that dream come true.

I was living in a small tropical country, in a big house on a hill. I awoke one morning to tires burning in the streets and an empty Presidential Palace. A curfew put the country on lock down and I was stuck in the house with my dog, a few Lean Cuisines and some cheap wine. I turned to writing to pass the time.

It took me five years to finish the book I started during that coup. It was terrible.

The problem was, I was pretty unlucky in love. Hard to write a happy ending when you don’t know what that feels like yourself.

Enter Romeo.

A tall, dark and lanky guy with a Southern drawl and a tough-guy aura, he was trouble in a suit and totally off limits. Romeo was my boss. Fortunately for me, he also turned out to have a heart of gold. Four months and a few lawyers later, we eloped, and I finally had the happy ending I’d read about. I started to write again.

We moved to another country, this one a little bigger and more chaotic, and we worked crazy hours, often in two different cities. Writing took a backseat to momentary crises and tyrannical bosses.

And then Little Man was born.

We moved to yet another country. I arrived with an eight-week old baby, no job and no friends. Writing became more than a hobby—it became a lifeline. The second Little Man went down for a nap, I’d write as many words as I could until he woke again.

I got an agent, the amazing Sharon Belcastro of The Belcastro Agency, who never stopped believing in me, even when I had given up. And in the same week my gorgeous daughter, Princess Pretty, was born I learned that The Wild Rose Press would publish my novel, Gun for Hire.

I now live in Bogota, Colombia with Romeo, Little Man, Princess Pretty and a rescue mutt better known by her informal name, No-No-Bad-Dog.

So how do you keep a full time job, mother two children and a dog, move to a new country every couple of years and publish a novel? I’m hoping to figure it out! Check out the blog for updates on whether or not I’m still sane, or you can reach me on TwitterFacebook, or my favorite, Instagram.